“There were lots of fathers who came to see your mother”: Faced with provocations from Emiliano Martinez, Eric Di Meco goes completely wrong!

Since the Argentines, led by player of the tournament Lionel Messi, won the World Cup final on December 18 against Didier Deschamps’ Blues, it has been a tough pill to swallow for French supporters. And the latter has not been spared by the Argentine supporters on a small cloud since the coronation of the Albiceleste. And for a few days, Emiliano Martinez has become public enemy number 1 among supporters of the French team. Author of an excellent contest and executioner of the French during the penalty shootout, the Argentine striker has been the subject of strong criticism, as the latter had the gesture of bad taste to celebrate.

Everyone has their opinion, including Éric Di Meco, who completely slipped up when he mentioned the Argentinian player, in Super Moscato Show (RMC). The former France player struggled to keep his composure when talking about Emiliano Martinez. “Should we talk about this?“, he wondered at first.”So if I slip, does it matter?“, he assured himself, irritated.”He keeps going. You have to understand this boy. He must have some problems in his life. When you didn’t know your father and there were lots of fathers coming over to see your mother, at some point…“, dropped Éric Di Meco. The other columnists were hilariously amused by this not-so-elegant remark.”Oh crack in added time“, Full cracks“, “Ptdrrrrr they made him too hot to talk, they knew it would be sick“, “The tackle is tough, but it plays“, “But I’m crying, this is the intervention of the century, shall we agree?“, we can read in the comments to this sequence on Twitter.

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