These 7 Foods Harmful to Your Stomach

The stomach is a very sensitive organ and can have strong reactions after a meal that is too large or contains particular foods. Some of them are also known to be harmful and can cause illnesses or digestive discomfort. Here are the foods to eat in moderation or to avoid.

The cold cuts

Even if the French terroirs are not lacking in them, the various charcuteries are not the healthiest for the organism. Very high in salt, hams, pâtés, sausages and other rillettes can create digestive discomfort and harm the health of the stomach. In addition, some cold cuts contain sodium nitrites, which increases the risk of colorectal cancer, according to research by the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES).

Refined sugars and carbohydrates

These are very difficult to avoid because they are present in many products. Sweet cookies, sodas, crisps, but also white bread and white pasta, all these foods contain a high dose of refined sugars or carbohydrates. These are the first responsible for bloating or stomach cramps and cause digestive discomfort. Thus, it is preferable to turn to products made with wholemeal flour, such as wholemeal bread or wholemeal pasta.

Prepared meals

Whether brick or freeze-dried soups, or ready-made meal trays, these products are generally too high in sodium. Salt, consumed in too large quantities, can damage the lining of the stomach and thus create stomach aches. The best solution is to cook yourself to control the amount of salt in the meal, when possible.


This is a drink that will be difficult for many people to avoid. Very present in our daily lives, coffee has many virtues. In addition to having a stimulating effect on the body, coffee can soothe headaches in some people. On the other hand, caffeine is found to be irritating to the stomach. Therefore, it is better to consume it in moderation.

Light desserts

If the proposal of low-fat products may be interesting at first glance, it is ultimately less healthy than expected. Indeed, the example of low-fat yoghurts is equivocal: to compensate for the loss of taste due to a low fat content, manufacturers often tend to add sugar to compensate. Thus, these products are overloaded with sugar and can cause digestive disorders.


Even if they taste very good, fried foods, such as chicken nuggets, breaded fish or fries and other donuts, can cause stomach irritation. Very rich and very salty, they are complicated to digest and cause heartburn and acid reflux. To overcome these discomforts, it is better not to abuse these products.

energy drinks

Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine and stimulants, but not only. It also contains water-soluble vitamin B3, also called niacin. All these ingredients have an energizing effect on the body, but can also cause nausea and stomach aches when consumed in large quantities. It is best to consume these drinks in moderation.

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