these 7 signs can occur a month before the attack

A total of seven symptoms could strike heart attack victims a month before the fatal attack. A brief overview.

A heart attack is a life-threatening emergency, it is imperative to act quickly to avoid any injury. As a general rule, victims are usually taken care of immediately following chest pain or dizziness. But they could be so much sooner if they listened to their bodies.

According to research by several scientists, published in the journal Circulation and relayed by the Sun, seven symptoms could strike victims a month before a fatal attack. In concrete terms, sleep disturbances were felt for 48% of respondents, shortness of breath for 42%, indigestion (39%), anxiety (35.5%), heavy or weak arms or legs ( 24.9%), changes in thinking (23.9%) and loss of appetite (21.9%).

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Ends may turn blue

These symptoms would be a sign that the body is not getting enough oxygen. “It’s also possible that a person has swollen limbs. Extremities, such as the toes or fingers, may turn blue, which could be a potential sign that you’re at risk for a heart attack.”they also said.

As Dr. Anushka Patchava recalled, cardiovascular diseases can be divided into two parts. The first is “cardio” and relates to factors that affect the heart. The second is vascular and refers to factors that affect blood vessels such as arteries or veins.

As a reminder, the causes of heart attack can be multiple but smoking remains the biggest risk factor. “Overweight and excessive alcohol consumption are also to be taken into account. In addition to this, there may be metabolic factors, such as hypercholesterolemia or diabetes”, she explained while noting that high stress can also lead to “high blood pressure”, a cause of cardiovascular disease.

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