These Google Maps features you need to master right now!

Google Maps has over a billion users and over 200 mapped countries. With these figures, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular mapping services on our blue planet. It is full of features that are very useful to you and make your life easier. Do you want to know these features in order to make the best use of this application? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these Google Maps features you need to know right now that will change your daily life.

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Go back in time with Street View

You are brand new to a neighborhood and you want to know what it looked like in the more or less distant past. You want to know the evolution of a building over the years. Step back in time with this Google Street feature that shows you photos of how the service has evolved since 2007.

After searching for the place of your choice, go to the historical images level or click on the “date” button in the display. The modification of the dates will evolve according to the zoom you perform. During video recording, the feature is not available. This feature allows you to discover the past of certain places and even of your house by seeing how it was years ago.

Create shortcuts to itineraries of places you frequent often

We all have places that we frequent more than others or that we consider to be more important than others. It’s sometimes a headache to have all the time to look for these places on the map when we go there often. Google Maps brings you a solution to this problem. The mapping service allows you to create shortcuts containing the route to these important places.

Select your means of travel (walking, car, etc.) and assign a name to the destination of your choice and to the shortcut created. Don’t forget to add your preferences before saving. You have one-click access to shortcuts to the itinerary of your usual places. And it is very convenient.

List addresses on Google Maps

A list of the best sushi restaurants or a list of the most unusual places in your city? It is possible on Google Maps. You have the possibility with this service to create lists of places for tourism, work or just for your pleasure. After hitting “Save” and “New List,” name your list and describe it.

Then choose the type of list you want to create. There are three existing types to choose from. The private list that only you can consult, the shared list that is accessed by a link and the public list that is posted on your behalf on the platform. Finalize the operation by saving. Choose the theme for your next Google Maps listing now.

Turn your Location History on or off

Are you signed in to a Google account? Is Location History turned on? Is location updating enabled? If so, your movements are recorded by Google. Thus, you benefit from personalized maps and recommendations of places based on those you frequent often. Traffic information for your usual routes is also provided. You can also easily find your phone and have advertising that targets you specifically.

To activate or deactivate this parameter, make your choice by accessing the “History of positions” section present in your account. You decide if you want to enable or disable the feature. You can also choose to activate it on just one of your Google-connected devices or on several. By choosing a single device, Google will only save its location. Enjoy the benefits of Location History. But you can also choose to deactivate it if it does not suit you.

Share your location

You want certain people around you to know your location to help you, follow you, etc. ? Opt for Google Maps location sharing. This feature allows you to share your position with other users of Google accounts and even people who do not have accounts, all this while controlling the duration of this position sharing.

If you are logged into Google Maps with your account and the person you want to share your location with is saved in your Google contacts, click on your profile icon, then on “Location sharing”, and finally on “New share”. . Choose the duration of the sharing and select the person with whom you want to share and validate.

For a person who does not have a Google account, send them a link directly in their mailbox or by email. With these two tricks, you now have the opportunity to share your location with your loved ones. Not to mention that you can choose to stop sharing whenever you want.

Make your own cards

If you want to customize the map of your neighborhood or your city, know that it is possible on Google Maps to do so. This feature gives you the possibility to create maps according to your preferences. You have the ability to draw shapes and place them wherever you want on the map.

Find locations or import other maps to place on your own. Personalize your card with colors or photos and videos. Other people can create it with you, or visit it. You can create your maps on My Maps. After searching for the location of your choice, click on My Maps and then “Show map legend”. You can then display your maps on Google Maps and enjoy them with those you want.

Use Google Maps without Internet

When using Google Maps, you may not have an internet connection at hand. For example when traveling. To avoid being without a card due to a weak or non-existent connection, you can use a card without Internet. To do this, you will need to register a card using the Internet so that you can use it offline when you need it.

After searching for the place you want, tap on the name of the place and open. Choose “Download an offline plan”, then proceed to download. To use the plan you have downloaded, nothing could be simpler. Go to your profile icon, then to Offline Maps. To delete, tap on the plan to be erased then on “Delete”. There is also the possibility of updating plans and even renaming them. Before finding yourself in an area with a weak Internet connection or completely without Internet, take care to download your plans.

Use Google as a measuring instrument

There may be times when you want to know the square footage of your home, neighborhood, or other location. It is also possible to want to know a distance to cover before moving or walking, from one point to another. All of this is available as features on Google Maps.

This Google Maps tool allows you to measure the distance between two points and more. Long press on a spot that will be your starting point. Then select “Measure distance” and move the second point to your destination. Multiple points can be added. Directions will be given below.

To calculate the area, all you have to do is delimit your area using the points and join the last point to the starting point. You also have the possibility to change measurement units or even take an altitude measurement. Even if you are not on the spot, you will be able to know distances and areas thanks to Google Maps.

Change navigation icon

Nice little feature. It allows modification of the navigation icon in order to personalize it to a minimum. After choosing your route, Google Maps offers you to modify the blue arrow which represents your position and customize it. After navigation starts, you can press the blue arrow and replace it with one of the available vehicles. It should be noted that you can change this parameter as much as you want and even return to the blue arrow.

Transform Pegman

Been to Pegman? A man that you can drop on the place you want to visit in Street View? Know that it has a particular and quite funny feature. In some places on the globe, it changes form. Walk your Pegman above Area 51, this famous American military base, and it will transform into a flying saucer.

Fun isn’t it? It is not finished. Above Buckingham Palace, Pegman transforms into Queen of England. Other transformations are also notable, such as above the Hawaiian archipelago where he is a mermaid or above the shores of Loch Ness where he represents the creature that haunts these Scottish waters.

The Google Maps service is full of features that make your life easier and will serve you every day. Knowing them allows you to use this service to its full potential in business, in everyday life, etc.


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