These signs that can evoke brain cancer

Symptoms of brain cancer are related to its size and precise location. The choice of treatments is adapted to the situation of each patient.

Approximately 5,000 new cases of brain cancer are diagnosed each year. This tumor lesion develops in the skull, there are several forms that determine the symptoms and the speed of development. At first, when the tumor is small, it usually causes no symptoms. As it grows, it can cause certain signs to appear. As the Independent site details, certain signs are to be taken seriously and should lead to consulting a doctor who will be the only one capable of carrying out examinations in order to make a diagnosis.

From the earliest stages of the disease, some patients suffer from epileptic seizures which may be accompanied by loss of consciousness. Some patients also have partial paralysis (of the face, one side of the body, etc.), speech, vision and hearing disorders. Among the signs to be taken seriously, some patients also suffer from changes in their personality: “People with a brain tumor may become increasingly withdrawn or confused over a period of months, or find it difficult to do tasks they were able to do before.“, explains the newspaper.


Among the symptoms of brain cancer, patients also frequently experience headaches, but this sign is rarely isolated. As The Independent points out, headaches are often different from those experienced in the past and worsen within weeks. They may also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

These symptoms are not specific to brain tumours, and only thorough examinations will make a diagnosis. Once the tumor has been identified, appropriate treatment can be put in place. Like other cancers, brain tumors can be treated with surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

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