This boiler mines cryptos while heating the house

The value of cryptocurrencies has fallen this year, but that doesn’t stop them from finding deals that are out of the ordinary. One might even think that the disappointments encountered by bitcoin and other currencies are driving innovation, as we can see with this French start-up.

Tresorio, a young company based in Metz, has developed a heating solution that allows the user to… make money! The MinIT boiler has the specialty of heating water by mining cryptocurrencies. So certainly their prices have had more lows (very low) than highs this year, but this idea makes it possible to make profitable the electricity that we would have used anyway with a conventional boiler.

A boiler that creates money

According to Tresorio, an electric boiler represents an energy consumption of €12 every day. Miner integrated into MinIT allows you to recover between €7 and €50 per day in cryptos! These latest figures are based on the average profitability of bitcoin over the past four years, when the currency experienced an all-time high before falling.

MinIT is designed to complement the existing heating solution, not to replace it. According to the manufacturer, the installation of MinIT reduces CO2 emissions by 11.5 tons per year for each household, based on the French energy mix and compared to an oil boiler system. The cryptocurrencies mined by the connected boiler are deposited into the wallet of their choice. It is also possible to collect cashback in crypto on the heating bill.

The solution has something to seduce, but on the other hand, it will be necessary to pay the price. The basic version of MinIT, which produces up to 1.25 kW of heat and has a mining power of 40 TH, costs €6,484.

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