This Future Games Console Mines Crypto When You Play

News hardware This Future Games Console Mines Crypto When You Play

While the graphics card market has been saturated for several years, a company in the cryptocurrency sector has found THE solution. No need for a computer or a mining RIG, this new web3 game console offers players the possibility of mining while playing.

Zilliqa announces the launch of a web 3 console

This is not the first time that we have heard of a web 3 game console. Last July, a manufacturer unknown to the general public announced that it wanted to release the Polium One. Still in development, the project is struggling to convince players.

This time, it is the turn of the crypto company Zilliqa (ZIL) to look into the subject. The Singapore-based blockchain company is among the top 100 crypto projects.

Recently, the company specializing in web 3 set out to conquer the gaming sector. To do this, Zilliqa wants to offer a solution that is innovative to say the least: a console built for the blockchain.

The objective is to integrate several so-called web3 functionalities by making them accessible to the general public. In this sense, the future game console will make available a crypto wallet, and different uses of blockchain technology in a playful way in order to “hide the complexity of Web3 from the end user”.

Concretely, Zilliqa wants to use NFTs to bring real value to the user. As a result, the technology will above all make it possible to ensure the ownership of the consumables held in a game. Specifically, in several games, the objects obtained such as weapon skins or armor will be associated with a unique NFT. Thus, players will be able to enjoy complete virtual ownership, offering the possibility of reselling or transferring “consumables” out of the game.

The most surprising thing is probably the fact that the game console will integrate real crypto mining software…

A game console dedicated to crypto mining

Indeed, Zilliqa goes even further in the adoption of cryptos since the console will make it possible to mine cryptocurrencies while playing. This will be possible in particular thanks to software that will make it possible to exploit the power of the console in order to extract cryptocurrencies.

Beyond the mining software, players will be able to win ZIL (ZIlliqa’s cryptocurrency) directly on the crypto wallet entered on the console. Zilliqa will reward players who complete special missions and quests in certain games. The income generated by the player will depend on his level.

An imminent release?

Unlike similar projects, Zilliqa’s console is at an advanced stage of development. Indeed, engineers have been working on the project for six months and plan to release the game console for 2023.

Thanks to the presentation of the prototype, we already know that the Zilliqa console has HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C and USB 3.0 ports. Zilliqa has made no secret of its ambitions to compete with PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. In this logic, we imagine that the console will ship AAA games in its catalog. However, to know its other technical specifications, we will have to wait for the official presentation.

This should not be long since Zilliqa plans a launch for the beginning of 2023.

This new project will surely not only make fans. Indeed, the gaming community remains skeptical about the play-to-earn model (play to win), given the number of mediocre projects that are born out of pure speculation. Many believe that excessive financialization of gameplay, with the addition of crypto and NFT, could harm the gaming experience.

However, it is important to note that microtransactions are not new to the gaming world. Several games like Fortnite, Counter Strike, Fifa, and others, offer additional content for purchase. In these cases, the NFT technology can bring an additional layer of property rights to the owner of these contents.

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