this handy new function will simplify your research

The latest version of Google Chrome introduced a feature that should help you compare your search results faster.

You use Google Chrome ? If you recently updated the browser to version 107, you undoubtedly have access to a new feature that you probably didn’t know existed. Very practical, it has certainly gone unnoticed by most users.

Search results always just a click away

Chrome now allows you to open the results of a query launched in the search engine in a side pane of the browser, while displaying the page of the result on which you click in the main window. Concretely, you no longer need to click on the previous button to return to your search results after clicking on one of them.

However, this new feature is not totally unknown. Google had indeed started testing it in its browser just a year ago. At the time, the feature was only available in Chrome Canary and required manual activation from the browser’s experimental features page. With the arrival of Chrome 107, it is now available for all users.

How do I display search results in the Chrome sidebar?

If the procedure for displaying search results in the side pane is simple, Google has obviously not lingered on the logic to adopt. Its activation is in fact only possible after having clicked for the first time on one of the search results.

To get it, open a Chrome tab and run a query in the search engine like you usually do. Then click on the result of your choice.


Once the content of the page is displayed, carefully scrutinize the address bar of Chrome. Bingo! A small icon showing the Google’s “G” should show up there.

Google Chrome

A click on this button should be enough to reopen the search results page previously displayed in a pane grafted to the right of the Chrome window.

Google Chrome

You will be able to keep access to the search results and click on each of them in turn to see the page in question displayed in the main window of Google Chrome. With this new function, the exploration of Google search results takes a new turn and should be more fluid since you no longer need to return to the previous page. You also no longer need to open search results that may be of interest to you in new tabs that will cannibalize your machine’s resources and then have to sort through them.

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