This Man Lost All His Savings In A Cryptocurrency Scam

This is the story of a financial rout. Like dozens of other people from Charente, Jean-Pierre Chevrier lost all his savings to a cryptocurrency scam. In question ? An online company, Wallet Secure, which provides investment advice to its customers. It was in 2020 that this resident of Nercillac heard about this company. He then decides to embark on the adventure, reports the Charente Libre media. “In 2020, a friend told me about rather impressive returns on investments with rates approaching 10%. Canvassing is very simple because you just have to call them, you sign the contract instantly and you follow a schedule. over the next few months”, he explains to the departmental daily.

The victim of this scam is not vigilant at first. In addition, the first three months, she even earns 620 euros per month in interest on her initial investments of 6,000 euros. Jean-Pierre Chevrier gains confidence and then decides to invest more money: he thus invests an additional 43,000 euros. Finally, he invests more than 71,500 euros.


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The financial dream turns into a nightmare in January 2022. He is then informed of the death of Guillaume Godier, one of his interlocutors who was actually using a false identity according to the judicial police of Val-de-Marne, in charge of the ‘investigation. By phone, a certain David tries to reassure the one who has placed his savings in Wallet Secure and asks him not to worry about the “latency period to recover and follow [son] case”.


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Several months later, during a call to find out where his money is, David gives him a plea of ​​inadmissibility: “The 71,500 euros, you can sit on it.” He hangs up, Jean-Pierre Chevrier’s savings will never surface again. So he filed a complaint. Philosopher, he explains to the Charente Libre that he should be able to get out of it: “I got screwed in the rules of the art. It’s the savings of a life that went up in smoke, but I’m going to succeed to get out of it. For my friend who advised me, it’s more complicated, she is bankrupt, stuck at the Banque de France.”

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