This streamer learned Google Maps by heart, he reveals his tricks

News hardware This streamer learned Google Maps by heart, he reveals his tricks

If you’re unfamiliar with GeoGessr, it’s a browser game that asks you to recognize a location from a Google Street View image. The Rainbolt streamer is one of the best players in the world, and his secrets are more than surprising…

Rainbolt: a real human GPS

Trevor Rainbolt, more commonly known as the “GeoGessr Guy” has a more than surprising talent. In effect, the young man of only 23 years old is able to recognize almost any place in the world via a still image in a few moments.

It was through the game GeoGuessr that Trevor learned to “travel” from his seat. This game allows us to recognize a place by pointing it on a world map simply from the “Google Street Views” view, available via Google Maps.

By dint of playing it, Trevor has become a real passionate about geography. It was on his Tik Tok account, which has no less than 1.2 million followers, that Rainbolt experienced real success.. His videos are surprising and he shows how he is able to recognize a place in just a few seconds, even milliseconds, before placing it almost perfectly on a map.

His videos have been shared massively, especially on Twitter, because they have been received almost as parodies, even fakes. Ever since, Trevor Rainbolt has been referred to as the “Geoguessr Guy”.

Apart from some media or users who wanted to denounce him for cheating, Rainbolt says he is very happy to see that people are interested in this kind of content. Trevor even said that even a few months ago he couldn’t have named so many countries. GeoGuessr allows him in a certain way to leave his apartment, he who has never left American territory.

Rainbolt’s tricks to be good at GeoGuessr

Of course, it is almost impossible to remember the images by heart since Google Street Views has a database of 20 petabytes of images, or 20,000 TB. Rainbolt is cunning, and he uses quite a few methods to easily recognize locations.

If Trevor is able to accurately place a place in the world, it’s because he uses precise visual cues to determine just the region. For example, he learned to recognize certain patterns of traffic signs, via their colors and their shapes, but also the way in which the colored strips are arranged on the ground.

Trevor explains that he still has trouble recognizing certain regions, especially European urban areas, but also the different territories in Russia.

One trick he developed is to just take a good look at the image quality and even the Google vehicles that took the photos, since some areas were photographed only a few years ago.

Rainbolt thanks above all the first big players of GeoGuessr who developed techniques to more easily recognize the types of climates (via trees, plants, etc.), but also, the inclination of the shadows to know in which direction is. and west lie.

This streamer has become popular through his videos which give us the impression that GeoGuessr is very easy, in addition to chanting that becoming as good as him is within everyone’s reach.

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