This technology will bring the metaverse into everyday life

To feed metaverse, it will require technology that is much more comfortable than today’s virtual reality (VR) headsets. Companies strive to create devices that look like normal glasses. These devices will generate permanent digital experiences. But it’s still a dream.

Actually processors that consume a lot of energy and large batteries require extra space. Ixana, a relatively new company, believes they have found the solution. This is a promising wireless technology that could power the metaverse. In reality, Ixana wants to provide a way to develop a new generation more energy efficient personal devices than today’s helmets.

Because the company is Consumer Electronic Shows (CES) 2023 will be an opportunity to unveil the development platform so others can create applications for its technology. Ixana wants to give one new way of communicating information : through the human body itself. It’s not exactly about the body.

It is rather electromagnetic field which surrounds it. The company named its technology “Wi-R”. This has the special feature of using the body’s natural capacity as a leader. A retained or worn device has the ability to transmit data over this field incredibly efficiently.

According to Ixana, the technology uses one hundredth of the energy typically used in conventional wireless connections such as WiFi or Bluetooth. It is important to remember that the metaverse is one immersive digital world. It is formed by the combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet.

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