Threat Defense technology deployed by Saudi Arabia’s largest e-commerce service

Verimatrix, a leading provider of end-user security solutions for a safer connected world, today announced that Jarir, Saudi Arabia’s leading e-commerce and online shopping company, has chosen Verimatrix’s App Shield Pro and its monitoring service, from the Extended Threat Defense (XTD) range, to protect sensitive intellectual property data as part of its services for Android users.
With millions of users of its e-commerce application, Jarir was looking for a quick and proven solution that would allow it to take advantage of the latest protections against attacks such as reverse engineering and repackaging. The company has also paid particular attention to monitoring and detecting risks within its install base, so as to identify threat profiles and prevent potential attacks.

With its zero-code approach to application security and monitoring, Verimatrix’s App Shield Pro and XTD technologies allow Jarir to take a non-intrusive and innovative approach to application security, and also to benefit from valuable intelligence likely to enable him to avoid costly security incidents.

“After a rigorous selection process, we selected Verimatrix because of its holistic approach to intellectual property protection and its unique cyber threat monitoring capabilities,” said Nasser Abdul-Aziz, Chief Operations Officer of Jarir Bookstore. . “It is important for us to work with cybersecurity experts such as Verimatrix, who can offer us this essential combination of proactive protections, ease of use and first-class service.”

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