Tired of dating apps, they flirt on Google Docs

Published on September 12, 2022 at 12:57 p.m.


What if dating apps had bored us? Wanting to better control their meetings, Americans have found a funny alternative to flirt online.

More and more singles are moving away from dating apps. To hope to find true love? Not really. In the United States, some have imagined an original alternative to the mechanical gesture of Tinder and other similar applications… on office applications.

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A form on Google Docs

The approach may seem strange, yet several of them have adopted it, according to an article by “Wired” relayed by BFMTV and “20 Minutes”. It was a man named Chris Olah, a 29-year-old engineer, who started the trend from the United States. Tired of algorithms that are not always reliable and sometimes a little unfair, he preferred to take the reins and create his own profile from A to Z. The advantage of Google Docs is that the site offers a white page and total freedom. Once his profile is completed, he shares it with the whole world thanks to a link. Those who are interested are then free to contact him.

From politics to sex to the photo album

On the Google Docs profile, anything goes. Photos of themselves, of their hobbies, long paragraphs to describe themselves or a single sentence if the desire is not there: single people are not reduced to answering a series of questions determined by the application. The young man talks about the way he perceives life, his political and religious convictions, but also his desires. Starting a family, exploring certain sexual horizons… it’s all there. The format also leaves room for precision in the criteria. Everyone can mention what he or she is looking for in a potential partner and what he or she does not tolerate. But the form, called “Date me” by its users, is not necessarily intended to bring together kindred spirits. Some are only looking for friends or one-night stands.

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