To find love, he uploads a Google Docs file

Faced with the algorithms and injunctions of dating apps, a new trend is emerging among those looking for love: long presentations on Google Docs!

Profitability is all that matters for dating applications like Tinder: the algorithms seek to quickly “match” the maximum number of users… And if they haven’t found a match, they come back to try. their luck again. The weakness of these algorithms, combined with the injunction to meet as many people as possible, are beginning to tire those who prefer to take their time to find the right person.

Play the long time

A trend is emerging in the United States. More and more of them are uploading long “Date Me” texts on Google Docs in order to present themselves in more detail. We are at the antipodes of the two or three sentences maximum and the keywords which are supposed to define you in the apps of dating

A tweet from neural network engineer Chris Olah has gone viral. He laments that ” online dating is disappointing “, and writes that the public documents “Date Me” are an interesting experience and an alternative which makes it possible to make meetings with serious profiles. They accompany the message with a link to their Google Docs text.

The title of the profile goes straight to the point: “ Male, heterosexual, 1.70 m, monogamous, wants children “. On the other hand, the rest of the text is very complete: in four chapters and 15 sub-categories, we learn that he finds the math ” deeply beautiful “, he has no problem with vegans, he says he is anxious and ” committed to doing what is morally right “.

Chris Olah adds to the whole of the opinions of his friends and he also shares some of his previous love affairs. He is not the first to expose himself in this way through a Date Me file: others before him have embarked on this practice which could indeed become an interesting alternative to dating apps.

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