Top 20 funniest tweets about computers, long live technology

If today we could no longer do without our smartphones, the same applies to ours PCWhere portable. Whether it is for watching videos, hanging out on social networks, playing video games or simply for work, they have become essential on a daily basis. They therefore deserve that we dedicate one to them in return top tweets. Here is a selection of 20 tweets most fun on it computers !


Graduate school is just you and your laptop against the world

26 August 2021


My parents took my phone and my pc until they took me to a new one or something

March 6, 2019


Make a computer ask me if I’m a robot

17 August 2020



People on the phone looking for something on the computer: “aloooors… touk touk touk…”

September 11, 2020


The tech teacher when you turned off the computer directly on the central unit

28 September 2022


a virus: *trying to infect my computer*

my antivirus:

28 September 2022


Me: My back hurts and I don’t know why.

me on the computer:

December 9, 2020


People: You are still locked at home on your PC while living in a beautiful area!!

22 May 2019


to be able to scan documents directly with an iPhone without having to use a computer? and you think jv will return to android? never

25 May 2021


TOSHIBA Christmas ham

November 22, 2020


Computer: Congratulations, you’ve won an iPhone 4s! Enter your details…
Me at 8 years old:

22 October 2019


Now that I officially have a MacBook I stop saying the word “computer” dsl I’m talking didn’t break but thanks

11 April 2019


Dude: what is the password for your pc

Me: My birthday

Me and my mate:

2 June 2019


When I’m on my PC I remember there’s definitely a guy from the CIA watching me

29 August 2020


Look for a new taff from the PC for his current taff. basis

30 August 2021


Deepfakes are getting more and more sinister.
You would think it is an authentic video of Jacques Chirac, and yet everything is fake, rigged by computer.
Imagine what such technology could entail…

14 June 2019


I work at Mac cosmetics and EVERY DAY we have people calling us to tell us about their computer problem

This means that they think their computer’s brand is Mac and not even like Apple

28 August 2019


Techno teachers when you turned off the computer with the button

3 February 2021


On the other hand, this ease, like your neighbors in the Sims, when they have returned home annoys me too much.
It goes into your room to play on your PC in the mode it pays your rent. Parasites

5 February 2020


Real young people turned on PCs this way

30 August 2020

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