Top 5 Google Maps Features

During the holiday season, there are more and more trips. Whether you plan to take a flight or spend several hours on the road, having Google Maps is a real advantage.

There are lots of ways to use Maps, from getting around the airport quickly to using the app offline.

By helping you navigate, some of the stress associated with travel is already alleviated. Check out 5 of the app’s best features, as seen by CNET, below.

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How to use Google Maps optimally while traveling

1- Enter your route in Google Maps

Thanks to Google Maps, you can quickly take a look at your flight, hotel, car rental and restaurant reservations. This will save you having to search your email inbox for check-in times and confirmation numbers.

Start by going to “Registered” in the bottom menu and select “Reservation“.

There you’ll find a list of upcoming reservations as well as those already made that Maps pulled from your Gmail inbox.

Select an item to learn more about the reservation, including date and location.

2- See how busy an attraction is

To find out how busy a place is, use “Busy” from Google Maps. You can search for any location and see a graph showing in real time how crowded it is.

Now a new feature called “Area Business” allows you to see when entire areas are clogged.

To use it, open the Maps application on your smartphone or computer, drag the map to a specific area, such as city ​​center.


Crowd information is displayed automatically, you no longer need to search precisely for a place to check if it is full.

3- Book a restaurant

Planning a group dinner during the holidays is not easy, especially when you go there during a busy time. Google Maps can help you quickly reserve a table for lunch or dinner.

To do this, press “Restaurants” at the top of the map to display a list of places to eat.

Select the restaurant of your choice. In the window that appears, you can reserve a table or sign up – if possible – for a waiting list.

Don’t forget that you can use the crowd tool mentioned above to choose the least crowded place.

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4- Share your location with other people

Is there anything more stressful during a group activity than finding yourself separated from the rest of the group? Google Maps has the solution for this: the option “Location sharing“accessible from your tab”Profile“.

Once there, tap on “Share location” by choosing with whom and for how long you want to share it.

Confirm your selection and Google Maps will send your location to everyone mentioned.

To check someone else’s location, tap the person icon at the top of the window, then select “ask“.

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5- Navigate through airports and train stations

If you want to quickly find a store, you should know that Google Maps is expanding its tab “Phone book” at all shopping malls, train stations and airports.

You will have all the indications about the opening hours of the signs as well as their exact location.

This can be very useful when looking for a place to eat or to buy a last minute souvenir just before boarding.

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