TOP 5 videos of the week: A 3D printed plane

This week, the top 5 invites you to discover the world’s first 3D printed remote-controlled aircraft. Next, SolidCAM shows us their metal 3D printing technology with Desktop Metal solutions. The third video will allow you to discover the best software for the dental sector. Finally, CEAD unveils its new extruder designed to build large-scale objects, then you will discover how 3D printed glasses are built.

TOP 1: A remote-controlled plane printed in 3D: 3D printing makes it possible to produce a large number of complex objects. In this video, you will discover according to the videographers, the world’s first 3D printed RC Harrier Jumpjet model. To put it simply, this machine is a mini remote-controlled plane that incorporates parts from additive manufacturing. The creators explain how they managed to build this aircraft.

TOP 2: SolidCAM adopts additive manufacturing: SolidCAM has recently entered the additive manufacturing market. It is equipped with 3D metal printing technology from Desktop Metal. In this video, the company reveals the manufacturing process of a custom cutting tool, from its design to the final part.

TOP 3: Free software for dentists: As you know, 3D printing in dentistry is becoming increasingly important. It allows the dentist to offer a unique and adapted solution for each of their patients. To design parts, it must first be created in 3D on software. That’s why in this video you will discover, according to “The 3D Dental Printing Association”, the three best free software for dentists.

TOP 4: The production of 3D printed glasses: We just talked about 3D printing in dental, we also mentioned it for aeronautics, but this technology can also be used for consumer goods, including glasses. This video reveals how eyewear companies that use 3D printing are working to deliver customer-friendly, quality frames. This starts from taking information from the shape of the face, to the manufacture of 3D printed frames.

TOP 5: A new extruder for CEAD: CEAD is a large-scale 3D printer manufacturer. It provides the technology and assists in the implementation of thermoplastic composite 3D printing solutions. In this video, the company presents its new extruder placed on a robotic arm. Weighing 70 kg, it makes it possible to obtain dimensions of 180 x 40 x 30 cm.

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