Top Health Award 2023: The Protheus Technology NIR Program by BS Innov

Increase… ! Certainly… Because it has the ability to do what no other IPL (Pulsed Light Device) on the European market is currently able to do: Wake up dormant fibroblasts! These cells that make the skin’s collagen.

Zoom on the Protheus NIR program and its performance, a device rewarded in 2021 with an innovation prize, for its ability to reverse the aging process!

How does the NIR (Nano Intensive Repair) program work?

The NIR program of the Protheus was created following the discovery of the University of Seoul in 2018, which revealed that fibroblasts do not undergo apoptosis (cell death), but go into inactivity.

The NIR device associated with the use of cosmeceuticals can wake them up!

NIR relies on several clinical levers:

  • Increasing the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate): decreasing cellular energy in the aging process
  • Reactivating dormant fibroblasts to relaunch the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans)
  • Increasing the number of leukocytes and their level of activity (development of the skin immune system)
  • Promoting vascularization, the supply of nutrients, oxygen and the evacuation of alterations
  • Stimulating mitosis (cell division)

The NIR program provides global action to delay the signs of aging and promote healthy skin, in optimum comfort via its totally analgesic pulse and burst modes. You no longer suffer from the removal of hair and wrinkles!

The cosmeceuticals of the NIR program

What are cosmeceuticals?

Halfway between traditional cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, cosmeceuticals meet 3 Hs: High concentration of active ingredients, High penetration, High efficiency.

The bioluminescent cosmeceutical products developed by Pascal Weigel’s teams are the only ones that can be used with the NIR light wave.

To reinforce the photothermal and photochemical effects of the NIR program, the nano-molecular active ingredients of Pascal Weigel products are vectorized or encapsulated, thus encouraging their diffusion directly to the heart of the cells.

6 high-tech products meet every skin need: Activated Charcoal, Exfoliating, Volume, Tightening, Purifying, Moisturizing.

A technology, not only…

Health professional and precursor, Pascal WEIGEL, thought of the vision of “aesthetic health” with regard to this observation: anyone going to an aesthetic center undergoes the same treatment protocol, without taking into account the specificity of their overall state. Pascal Weigel has therefore studied the transformation of the body and has focused his clinical research on identifying the causes of aesthetic problems.

A new profession: Physiosystemic ™ practitioner

This method, developed by Pascal Weigel is based on knowledge of physiology and its dysfunctions, causes of aesthetic imbalances. These biological, nutritional, epigenetic and emotional causes directly impact the silhouette and the skin.

In order to provide high-quality care, the NIR care protocol is established on the basis of an exhaustive diagnosis carried out by professionals trained in Physiosystems™. The treatment course is therefore personalized and accompanied, with the aim of lastingly transforming the quality of your skin.

Entrust the regeneration of your skin to experts in medico-aesthetics!

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