Toulouse: the rant of a car dealer against the Samu, exasperated by “the slowness” of an intervention

the essential
A car professional denounces the lack of responsiveness of the Samu 31 after a woman had a bad fall in her garage. He had to wait three hours before an ambulance took charge of the victim, whose state of health no longer gave rise to concern.

Cédric runs a car dealership in a popular district of the Pink City. This Toulousain, pure sugar, went up like a pendulum against the Samu 31. He did not digest what happened in his trade this Tuesday, November 8. The auto professional gives his version of the facts: “It was around 3 p.m. about thirty years old. I heard her cry: leave me alone, leave me alone! I saw two passers-by following her and telling me that she was not well at all. calls out and makes a sign to her to come and rest inside the dealership. She was staggering and had a slightly delirious speech but in my opinion, she was not alcoholic. She returns, she leans on a car being repaired … And there, she falls back full length, head first on the underbody of the vehicle (side skirts of the body editor’s note) It’s super violent, with her weight, she bent the bottom checkout!”

Dantesque day for Samu 31

The two passers-by who had accompanied the victim to the store put a down jacket on her body so that she wouldn’t catch a cold. A mechanic from the garage, trained in first aid, places the young woman in PLS (lateral safety position). The emergency services are alerted. Half an hour passes. The merchant begins to get annoyed. “I called back. We transferred the call to a medical dispatcher from Samu. I asked him why it was taking so long for them to arrive. He told me that there was no ambulance. for every Toulousian before hanging up on me!”

“The Samu does not filter its outings according to this or that district where it is called”

The dealer has the impression that the young woman was getting worse and worse. “She wasn’t bleeding, but she was vomiting. I tell myself that she probably has a head trauma. I call the Samu back, they tell me they’re coming…” The wait will actually last three hours. An ambulance will only take care of the injured person at 6 p.m…. “With the taxes we pay, I cannot understand how it is possible that it took so long. Is it because that this happened near the Mirail? I really ask the question”, slips the manager.

Professor Vincent Bounes, the boss of SAMU 31, talks about this incident: “That Tuesday, the sum of the interventions was very important. In this kind of situation, we are forced to prioritize according to the seriousness of the state of health. of the victims. Of course, I cannot spoil the medical file of this patient, but I can simply say that she has been taken care of and that she is out of the woods. In any case, I can affirm to the population that under no circumstances does Samu 31 filter its outings depending on whether it is called in a particular district!”

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