Tractive, technology at the service of locating dogs and cats

Our pets can sometimes cause us to experience terrible moments of stress. Whether it’s a runaway dog ​​or a cat hiding a little too well, we’ve all worried about their sudden disappearance. For all dog and cat owners, the Tractive brand offers GPS collars. Their role is to protect the animal and, in turn, provide peace of mind to its owner. Find out more about this collar and put your furball on safely today.

Technological evolution, at the service of our four-legged friends

For many households around the world, dogs and cats aren’t just pets. They represent much more than that. Indeed, they are considered and treated as full members of the family.

Therefore, it is natural that these owners want their dogs and cats to have a comfortable life for as long as possible. For this, they intend to make many efforts to keep them safe. Technology evolving gradually every day is now able to meet this need. Through the Tractive GPS collars, it helps you monitor and keep your companions in good condition.

Learn more about the Tractive brand

Tractive presents itself as an Austrian brand, developed in 2012 by Michael Hurnaus. It offers GPS collars for dogs and cats, which give you their location in real time. Gradually, it was able to improve to the point of rising to the rank of leader in this field.

As an innovative brand, it is recognized for the quality of its GPS trackers for dogs and cats. She has participated in many events, including the “La Meute” series. A reality show available on Amazon Prime Video, in which she helped in locating canine actors.

GPS collar for dogs and cats: quesaco?

Wondering what a GPS cat collar is? It’s simply a collar equipped with a GPS tracker, which allows you to locate your dog or cat in real time. It connects to your smartphone or your computer and allows you to know the GPS geolocation of your pet.

It was originally designed for runaway dogs and hunting dogs. However, it is now intended for more docile dogs and cats as well. Indeed, no matter how well you train your dog, he is never truly spared from the risk of getting lost. Also, cats are known for their natural urge to go on adventures and explore their surroundings.

The latter can thus leave for hours, and even days. While most of them usually return home, some may lose their way home. So what’s more worrying when you have a pet than not being able to locate it?

With a GPS collar, you can find the exact location of your dog or cat and have peace of mind.

Advantages of Tractive brand GPS collars

If the GPS collar is so appreciated, it is because it has many advantages, for animals and their masters. Check out these.

An accessory with unlimited reach

Want to track your pet over a long distance? Tractive stands out from its competitors, thanks to its powerful technology. She has developed an accessory with unlimited range. Indeed, this tracer works like an electronic chip, but much better. It covers more than 175 countries around the world. It is therefore the ideal accessory if you often travel without your pet. You will thus be able to know at all times where it is.

All you have to do is stay wired on one of your devices (smartphone, IOS, computer, connected bracelet) to receive a notification each time your pet moves. Note that it connects to the network available in the region. In addition, by activating the LIVE mode of the GPS, you will get updates every 2 seconds, to follow each step of your protected.

Set virtual fences with this transmitter collar

With this accessory, you have the possibility of putting a virtual beacon. You can thus define the safe zones (your garden) and the unauthorized zones (neighbour’s garden) for your animal. So by following it, you will know if you should be worried or not.

Monitor your pet’s activity

Thanks to the Tractive collar, you have the possibility of knowing what your protege is doing. You will be able to learn more about the latter’s secret life, in particular his usual activities. You will know more about his hours of sleep, his favorite corners in the house or the distance traveled when he is outside.

You can also compare your dog’s activity to another’s and set a schedule to keep him fit.

The perfect device to do an activity with your pet

If you are used to walking with your dog or cat, the Tractive tracker will help you enormously. During a hike, for example, your little protected can run away while you divert attention a little. Instead of panicking and starting to search for it like the old fashioned way, you just need to log into one of your devices.

So you will have an idea of ​​the area where he may have gone. So all you have to do is get there.

An effective GPS tracker

This device really has it all. It is equipped with a powerful lithium battery which gives it a long autonomy. The latter reaches about 7 days. This collar is 100% waterproof and shockproof. As a result, your pet does not risk damaging it by jumping too high or rolling on the ground. It leaves your pet free to move.

This tracker is also equipped with a sim card that connects to all networks, regardless of the country where you are. It is suitable for all dog collars and the vast majority of cat collars. It is easy to use and poses no danger to your little protege. By purchasing it, you can experience many other features that will make your life easier.

Some Minor Drawbacks of the Tractive GPS Collar

Like any device, the Tractive brand plotter also has some drawbacks. Be reassured, however, because this does not concern the safety or health of your pet.

To begin with, we specify that this collar does not exempt you from putting the leash on your pet during a walk. Certainly if he ran away you could find him easily. However, the ideal would be to put the leash on your dog or cat.

Also, by purchasing the collar, you are forced to take out a subscription, whether monthly or annual. Finally, the collar certainly makes your life easier, but does not exempt you from educating your animal. The ideal will always be to educate him to stay within the security perimeter that you have defined for him.

Very positive assessment

In short, this GPS tracker is very practical for locating your pet in real time. Whatever the size of the collar of your tomcat or your doggie, he will easily adapt to it. You can easily connect it to your GSM network to play spy? Waterproof, it is completely waterproof. It is also discreet and weighs only a few grams.

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