Two-thirds of released prisoners suffer from mental disorders

A study was carried out over two years by a team from Lille University Hospital. The first results report a very large number of dependencies.

Around 70,000 prisoners are released each year. The population survey Mental Health in outgoing prisons looked at the psychiatric disorders that exist in these released prisoners, the conclusions were presented at the French Congress of Psychiatry in Lille and revealed by Le Monde.

The Little University Hospital team found that nearly two-thirds of the men and three-quarters of the women suffered from at least one psychiatric and/or addiction-related disorder at the time of their release. Among the most important disorders, the researchers noted mood or affective disorders, anxiety disorders and cases of post-traumatic stress. There is also a high incidence of addiction. “We repeat the finding of a very high incidence of psychiatric disorders in prison in France“, says doctor Thomas Fovet, psychiatrist and co-author of the study.

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Support ex-prisoners

Thanks to these results, the researchers emphasize the importance of analyzing care needs and implementing the necessary support. “The mortality rate of ex-prisoners in the five years following their release is four times higher than the average for the general population.remember Dr. Thomas Fovet, psychiatrist and co-author of the study.

A previous study looked at the psychiatric disorders of incarcerated prisoners. “More than 20% of prisoners suffer from psychotic disorders, including 7.3% from schizophrenia and 7% from paranoia and other chronic hallucinatory psychoses. In total, eight out of ten male prisoners and more than seven out of ten female prisoners have at least one psychiatric disorder, with the vast majority combining several (anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorders, psychosis, etc.) and addiction. 35% to 42% of men were considered obviously ill, critically ill or among the sickest patients“, reported the French branch of the International Observatory of Prisons.

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