Tyson Fury easily dominates Derek Chisora ​​and wins by stoppage in the 10th round

“You’re next Tyson Fury yelled at Alexander Usyk, inches from his face. And chaining a series of insults, which the Ukrainian, smiling, with a cap on his head, listened to without saying a word, probably did not understand them. “Unsick, little dwarf of 95 kg! I already beat a Ukrainian, Vladimir Klitschko, you will be next! »

After retaining his WBC heavyweight title by beating his compatriot Derek Chisora ​​by stoppage in the tenth round, on Saturday night in front of the 70,000 spectators at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, Fury (34 years old, 2.06 m, 121.750 kg, 33 wins, including 24 before the limit, 1 draw, 0 losses) called the Ukrainian (35 years old, 1.91 m, 20 wins, including 13 before the limit, 0 losses), WBA-WBO champion for the ring -IBF.

“Where’s the rabbit?”he had shouted into the speaker’s microphone, inciting the Ukrainian he calls “the rabbit”to leave his place to join him. “And if he doesn’t want to meet mecried Fury, I want to fight Joe Joyce at Wembley! » But the WBC champion will be good against Usyk and not against his compatriot Joyce (37 years, 15 w., including 14 before the limit., 0 d.), because the two men will meet each other in March, probably in Riyadh (Saudi- Arabia), to designate the undisputed world champion in the category. Fury’s co-promoter with Englishman Frank Warren, American Bob Arum announced that the two sides had reached an agreement on all points of the contract.

“Greatest Heavyweight Championship in History”

Alexandre Krassyuk, promoter of Usyk

“Everything is alrightconfirms Alexandre Krassyuk, promoter of Usyk, but also of Denys Berinchyk, challenger of Yvan Mendy, apart from the place. It will probably be in Saudi Arabia. If that is not the case (local organizers will have to offer a fortune to host the match), we have many other options. It’s the biggest heavyweight championship in history, and it won’t be hard to find a place for it. »

After his victory over Englishman Anthony Joshua last August in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Usyk spent a few days with his family, refugees in Spain, before returning to Ukraine. “He worked with his foundation, which helps people affected by the Russian invasionsays Krassyuk. It especially helps with the reconstruction of bombed out houses. Last Monday he met President Volodymyr Zelensky, and on Thursday he drove to Poland to catch a flight to London. »

Chisora ​​did his best

Fury’s insults against Usyk remain the event of the night, as the WBC champion’s win will be far from unforgettable. Perhaps because he chose his own opponent, Fury, a 20-to-1 favourite, stalled and took his time beating him. The WBC champion, who likes him quite well since his two wins over him (on points in 2011, by submission at the eleventh round challenge in 2014), mastered the fight and gave the impression of not forcing. As strong-willed as ever, Chisora ​​gave it his all, pushing forward with wide jabs, but Fury put him in trouble as soon as he accelerated.

However, the WBC champion did not look to end it and settled down immediately. However, the challenger, with a very marked face, appeared increasingly exhausted and at the start of the tenth round was slow to rise from the stool. And for good reason, British referee Victor Loughlin stopped him during the round without being really shaken by a punch. But Chisora ​​(38 years old, 1.87 m, 118.100 kg, 33 wins, including 23 before the limit, 13 losses) did not protest, even later thanked the referee for his intervention.

Fury had long hoped to face another Englishman on Saturday, Joshua (33yrs, 1.98m, 24w, including 22 before the deadline, 2d), but the latter had finally declined the offer. “This fight will never happen.says Fury. He was offered $40 million to meet me on Saturday, but he fell…under him. He ran away like a little dog. »


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