University of Virginia cancer center gets HD technology

Theraclion, an innovative company that develops a robotic platform for non-invasive echotherapy, announces the signing of a commercial partnership with the University of Virginia (UVA), in the USA, on the use of Theraclion’s latest technology in a new experimental treatment of breasts . Cancer.
This pilot study, which has received the green light from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), will evaluate the combined effect of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and low-dose chemotherapy on the immune response to breast cancer. The aim is to integrate HIFU into the current treatment of breast cancer.

The benefit of Theraclion’s technology for treating breast cancer

HD technology records excellent clinical results in the treatment of veins. Its quality of visualization and its great control over the deposition of acoustic energy open up further perspectives in the use of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for the treatment of breast cancer.

Building on a successful first collaboration in patients with advanced breast cancer, the University of Virginia (UVA) Cancer Center has purchased Theraclion’s latest HD model to begin a pilot study for early-stage breast cancer.

This protocol will evaluate the combined effect of Theraclion focused ultrasound and low-dose chemotherapy in patients with early stage breast cancer. This trial, randomized in 48 patients, will be divided into 3 arms: HIFU combined with chemotherapy, chemotherapy alone and HIFU alone.

If the combination of HIFU with chemotherapy decreases myeloid-derived suppressor cells and thus increases the immune response in patients, this combination treatment may give patients with early-stage breast cancer a better chance of survival.

Prof. David Brenin, chief of breast and melanoma surgical services at UVA, said: “By inducing acute thermal cell injury that triggers a local immune response, we hypothesize that HIFU, combined with chemotherapy, can decrease the circulation of cancer cells and increase activity of suppressor cells. HIFU could then be used upstream of surgery, by enhancing the effect of chemotherapy and thus preventing the expansion of cancer and its recurrence”.

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