US Senate Banking Chairman Wants Bitcoin Ban “SEC and CFTC Must Act”.

The chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee, Senator Sherrod Brown, wants nothing more or less than a ban on bitcoin.

This is what he asked during a broadcast on the NBC channel, insisting that the two regulatory authorities, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), are considering a ban. “I have already contacted the Ministry of Finance and the Minister and asked for a government-wide assessment from all the various supervisory authorities [….]. The SEC has been particularly active. We must continue on this path and on the path of legislation”.

On the crypto support side, Senator Tom Emmer does not see FTX’s fall as proof that the entire crypto industry should be banned. Rather, it promises that legislative efforts will ensure that the United States continues to support innovation in this area.”

How do you think it will end?

Obviously by some kind of prohibition, whether direct or indirect, fiscal or purely legal, or with controls so strong that cryptocurrencies as we know them are unlikely to be “pushed” by the states, much less when they want to wish to launch their own cryptos.

Central banks will never give up their exorbitant privilege of minting money.


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