Usbek & Rica – Metaverse, autonomous car, AI… Technology in all its forms

And if we don’t update anymore, what happens? Julia Jean and Lucie Robert, creative director and lead designer respectively at Naraven Games studio, explored the question with their video game BACKFIREWALL_. Between guardians of the Wi-Fi temple and partying in the speakers, the creators of the video game explore the chaotic bowels of a smartphone in revolt. A way to rethink our over-connected world without carrying anyoneā€¯ moralizing message “, they explain in an interview to Usbek & Rica.

Anti-Linky, anti-5G, broken engineers and newly graduated students, journalists Nicolas Celnik and Fabien Benoit, both regular collaborators of Usbek & Rica, delivered this year a survey of those who oppose technology in their work Techno battles (Threshold, Reporterre, 2022). In an interview, the two voices return to the latest changes in the technocritical movement, especially regarding the digitization of society and the ecological emergency.

On the other side of the spectrum of technocriticism is Axel Simon, member of La Quadrature du Net and co-author of a book that traces ” fifteen years of struggle of the association for the protection of personal data, the fight against censorship or the abolition of monopolies, continue to believe in the positive and liberating role of technology. In this interview, he looks back at the small history of the Internet, which has gone from a wanted space ” free and democratic to a space where surveillance and data theft thrive.

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