valuable antibiotic for children, amoxicillin is missing

published on Friday, November 18, 2022 at 08:23

Often used against ear infections or any other bacterial infection, amoxicillin is becoming increasingly rare in pharmacies, reports Le Parisien, Thursday, November 17. To prevent the crisis from getting worse, the health authorities are planning recommendations.

It is a deficiency that falls badly.

As the heart of winter is fast approaching, amoxicillin, an antibiotic prescribed to treat bacterial infections, is starting to run out in pharmacies, writes Le Parisien in its columns, Thursday, November 17.

This antibiotic, essential for young parents, is used to treat ear infections, pneumonia and angina, if the latter is bacterial. In total, 80% of pediatric antibiotics are composed of amoxicillin. The Medicines Agency in France (ANSM) plans to “high supply tensions” until March 2023 around this drug. “We feel totally helpless, the end of the year is going to be difficult”, is in despair Franck Boutelliez, pharmacist. The phenomenon of the vicious circle is also feared by the authorities. As with gasoline, the prospect of a shortage could lead the most worried parents to stock up and thus amplify supply difficulties. By way of prevention, the ANSM provides recommendations: “We are going to remind you of the rules of good use”warns Alban Dhanani, deputy director of antibiotic drugs at the agency, before recalling that he “There is no point in prescribing it (amoxicillin, editor’s note)” in case of viral infection. Other recommendations will be made such as limiting prescriptions to five per day, but also limiting the number of boxes ordered by pharmacies.

Why is this antibiotic missing?

According to Bruno Bonnemain, of the National Academy of Pharmacy, the causes of this lack are structural and cyclical. On the one hand, France is 80% dependent on Asia for medicines, and on the other hand, the war in Ukraine is also putting a spoke in the wheel of production, a large quantity of aluminium, useful for medicine packaging, being produced in Ukraine. The covid-19 pandemic also played its part as factories slowed production as demand for amoxicillin was lower. Generally speaking, the supply tension extends to all drugs. Le Parisien estimates that 2,160 drugs will be out of stock in 2021 compared to only 871 in 2018.

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