Verdun. A first “digital café” to better surf the net

Coffee, brioches, cakes but also notepads and pens were out that day at the Espace des Cordeliers which hosted its first digital café. A moment that was certainly warm but also studious for the forty people over the age of 65 invited by the municipal center for social action to take part in this first “digital café” organized by the PETR Pays de Verdun. On the menu of these 2.0 festivities, many questions were addressed. “We have chosen to answer recurring questions asked during our hotlines,” says Jimmy Joltok who, with Julie Bartkowski and Christine Conraux, is the team of digital advisers France recovery of the North Meuse formed by the National Cohesion Agency. territories.

Develop the concept throughout the territory

Various questions whether they are related to fiber, the use of smartphones, their updates, internet security in order to avoid traps and scams, online purchases, mailbox management email, etc Questions to which the three digital advisers answer during hotlines organized since February throughout the territory, whether in town hall or in rooms made available. Like the Espace des Cordeliers in Verdun or the Salle de la Danlie. Individual or small group sessions.

It was therefore on this day the first time that an appointment took on this convivial dimension. “It’s a first here, but the idea is to do it all over the territory,” says Lorraine Caillas, Leader animator at the PETR Pays de Verdun.

A session of about two hours that Jimmy Joltok started with a series of questions addressed to his audience in order to assess his knowledge on the subject: “Who listens to music on the internet? Who watches movies on a platform? Can anyone tell me what fiber optics are used for? Very quickly the assembly got involved and the exchanges, debates, doubts rocketed through the room. “Fiber, is it mandatory? asks a lady. “Do you have to take out a subscription? »

To contact your digital advisors and find out about their hotlines: 03 72 61 05 86.

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