Victim of the FTX crash? REVO Avocats offers you free tax assistance

The failure of the FTX crypto platform will deeply and lastingly mark the entire industry. But if the news reports more willingly these days the cascading consequences on various important players in the sector, thousands of individuals are also affected more or less severely. And in addition to the current difficulties, a potentially painful question will also arise more or less quickly: how to explain oneself (and if necessary, defend oneself) against… to the tax authorities? In order to anticipate and prepare this next chapter as well as possible, the firm REVO Lawyers decided to offer you his help.

REVO Lawyers, by your side

REVO Avocats was founded by Axel Sabban. Axel came to crypto in late 2017, after devouring the Bitcoin White Paper. He immediately decided to combine his traditional passion, taxationwith this new passion, crypto.

Revo Avocats has the specificity of being a firm solely dedicated to the taxation of the crypto sector (individual, trader, artist, company and startup, DAO, etc.). Since December 2021, Axel regularly publishes RevoTipsaiming to democratize tax knowledge applied to crypto.

Beyond this popularization initiative, Axel Sabban tries as much as possible to set aside time to speak publicly during free or low-cost events, in order to prevent the acquisition of basic knowledge from depending on the portfolio size.

In this same dynamic, Axel considered that it was important for REVO Avocats to provide assistance to FTX clients who could find themselves in difficulty with the tax authorities.

FTX file: free tax assistance in 5 points

The service ?

Assistance with the presentation of a file and the negotiation of a settlement plan for your taxes.

For who ?

Crypto holders, French residents, individuals or companies, who relied on their crypto funds to pay their taxes, and are unable to pay via other funds or income.

Only for FTX account holders?

Not at all, this service is for anyone facing significant financial difficulties as a result of this case, whether due to loss / freezing of funds or “melting” of their crypto assets.

Contact us by private message on LinkedIn or on our contact address, and send us a summary of your situation.

We will send you back requests for information and documents to build a solid case.

The cost ?

Freewe only re-invoice (to the nearest euro) any external costs necessary for the management of the file.

If you are, directly or indirectly, concerned by the fall of FTX, do not wait to contact the firm. A conversation and some sound advice might save you from turning that bad crypto dream into a tax nightmare later on.

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