Vitalik Buterin gave in to Elon Musk’s request and will pay!

Vitalik Buterin took to Twitter to say he will accept new Twitter boss Elon Musk’s terms to retain his blue certification.

Vitalik Buterin said he is also trying out other social media platforms as alternatives to Twitter.

I will bow to Lord Elon and also pay his $8 a month.

“I will bow to Lord Elon” but there is a catch…

Vitalik Buterin gave in to Elon Musk’s demand for $8 monthly fee for handles verified on Twitter. However, he said he would only start “bow and pay” only when this functionality is integrated into Android and other non-iOS platforms. Musk makes no exceptions for anyone, forcing them to pay $8, even for himself, as he admitted in a recent tweet, in which he said he also pays that $8 monthly plan.

Vitalik Buterin also tweeted that he is looking for an alternative to Twitter, maybe in case he doesn’t like the changes Musk has integrated, and is trying out Mastodon, which has been talked about a lot lately on Twitter, Farcaster, Reddit , Telegram, etc.

He thinks he won’t just find Twitter convenient to use and maybe he’ll stay on all those “multiple winners“. Vitalik Buterin shared a link to where you can find all his nicknames in the various social networks.

Vitalik asks projects not to “ask him for money“.

In a previous tweet, the Ethereum leader asked people not to “beg for money“. to stop begging him for donations or sponsorships for their projects in social media and in chat messages.

He explained that he thinks they are asking for money for “honorable causes“. However, he said it is impossible for him to verify each of those who ask. Also, he can’t respond to every single one of those requests because it would completely break his inbox.

Recently, as covered by U.Today, Vitalik Buterin made a large donation to the Dogecoin Foundation, sending them 20 million Dogecoin.

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