Volvo EX90: a 100% electric SUV at the cutting edge of technology

At Volvo, we do not cut corners when it comes to discussing the brand’s new flagship: the EX90 is the safest production vehicle ever designed by the Scandinavian manufacturer. Just that ! In this regard, we can notably mention the presence of a LiDAR system integrated into the roof, just above the windshield. Placed higher than competing vehicles, it is able to detect pedestrians up to 250 m away! The Volvo EX90 also has sixteen ultrasonic sensors, eight cameras and five radars to monitor the exterior of the vehicle. The driver, for his part, benefits from a very refined dashboard which consists of a large vertical screen placed in the center of the dashboard and a second, horizontal one, placed behind the steering wheel. It’s beautiful, simple and intuitive.

Well in his time

The Volvo EX90 is also distinguished by its durability, a 21st century vehicle requires! He abandons leather for materials that respect the environment and animal welfare, including Nordico, an innovative recycled imitation leather, made from different recycled materials. More generally, the cabin is made of 15% recycled materials, including no less than 50 kg of reused plastics. We can also mention trim elements coming directly from Scandinavian forests, or even recycled wool for the upholstery of seats and carpets. Finally, the Cd of 0.29, exceptional for an SUV, is the guarantee of optimal efficiency and minimized energy consumption.

Two-way charging

The Volvo EX90 will be the Swedish manufacturer’s first model with two-way charging. Thanks to this, the vehicle is able to deliver the energy stored in its battery. Enough to power various electronic devices when you’re out and about or, when camping, plug in a stove or cooler. Better: this Volvo can also cover part of the energy needs of the house, provided of course that its battery is charged. Handy in the event of a power outage!

Initially, the Volvo EX90 will be offered with all-wheel drive combining two electric motors, powered by a 111 kWh battery. The whole will deliver a power of 380 kW (517 hp) for a titanic torque of 910 Nm. Enough to guarantee meteoric accelerations and pick-ups!

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