Waze and Google Maps are merging… only internally

According to information from the Wall Street Journal, Google plans to merge Waze with the teams responsible for developing Google Maps. For the end user, however, nothing should change.

The Waze application should remain independent despite the almost confirmed merger with Google Maps teams // Source: Unsplash

Waze was soon to merge with the branch responsible for the development of Google Maps. This is what we learned at the end of last week from the Wall Street Journal. According to American media sources, Google plans to combine the team working on the Waze map service with the group that oversees the Maps application (…) “.

For the user, however, nothing would have to change, because if the development teams of the two devices would become one, the Waze and Maps applications would remain operational and independent of each other, as is the case at the moment.

No layoffs in sight…while the period unfolds itself

In detail, we learn that the Google Geo division should therefore absorb around 500 Waze employees. As 9to5Google points out, this is an important change for the teams involved, as the workforce at the Israeli company had until now operated completely independently of Google, even after the acquisition in 2013.

This change in the organizational chart should not lead to job cuts. Good news in perspective, as many tech giants have laid off with a vengeance in the past few months. On the other hand, Waze would no longer have its own CEO in the future, the expected merger with Google Geo makes this function more or less obsolete.

Source: Isaa Mehegan via Unsplash

It should also be noted that the grouping of Waze, Google Maps, Street View and Earth under the auspices of Google Geo makes sense: it should make it possible to reduce overlaps in terms of cartography.

On Google’s side, there is finally a promise to keep Waze as it is and not to destroy its team. “Google said it plans to keep Waze as a standalone service and doesn’t expect any layoffs as part of the reorganizationยป emphasizesThe Wall Street Journalwhile the company officially confirmed to the media that it “remains deeply committed to the Waze brand, its much-loved app and its thriving community of volunteers and users“.

As a reminder, Waze alone has around 151 million monthly active users.

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