Wearing a mask again necessary, according to the Academy of Medicine

published on Friday, November 04, 2022 at 09:33

In a press release published Wednesday, November 2, the National Academy of Medicine warns of the present winter season, which could be punctuated by an early seasonal flu epidemic. The institution strongly recommended wearing a mask.

The National Academy of Medicine fears the early arrival of a seasonal flu epidemic in metropolitan France.

In a press release published on their site Wednesday, November 2, the institution says that a “growing incidence of flu syndromes and sporadic confirmed cases” could well be a harbinger of this early epidemic.

The Academy of Medicine affirms that the mask “is becoming necessary again”, and recommends that the French start wearing it again in closed public spaces, in particular public transport at peak times.

A possibility of “double infection” for vulnerable people?

The press release recommends the wearing of an FFP2 type mask in closed public spaces “for the elderly or carriers of comorbidities”, as well as for the entourage and health professionals in contact with this public: “This possibility of double infection, exposing vulnerable people to the most severe forms and hospital services at the risk of saturation, must therefore be taken into consideration for the 2022-2023 season”.

Pregnant women are also targeted by these recommendations, “even when they are up to date with their vaccinations”. According to the National Academy of Medicine, the 2021-2022 season saw the return of the flu “with an epidemic that extended over 9 weeks with a late peak in April 2022”.

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