When Android 13 betrays the existence of a new smartphone at Google

News hardware When Android 13 betrays the existence of a new smartphone at Google

The Android 13 source code is currently being scrutinized by many developers, looking for clues about future Google products. It would seem that traces leading to a folding smartphone have just been detected there.

The Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro will be made official by the American firm on next october 6but Android 13 is already available. It begins to give some information on what the manufacturer could offer in the future.

It has been rumored for many months now that Google could venture into the market for folding smartphones thanks to a terminal that would carry the name of Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad. If the Mountain View firm has not yet confirmed anything – and has not leaked any prototype in a bar or on eBay – the mystery is gradually dissipating around this project.

Android 13 spills the beans around a folding smartphone

Recently, Google released the first quarterly Android 13 update. Developers have decided to dive into it to search for the new information hidden inside. This is how Kuba Wojciechowski put his finger on some interesting information.

Among them are an allusion to a device codenamed Felix. “It includes multiple references related to a folded or unfolded state, as well as exterior and interior cameras”explains the developer.

We also learn that the device would have three sensors on the backIMX787 (50-megapixel main sensor), S5K3J1 (10.87-megapixel telephoto) and IMX386 (12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle) models, whilean IMX355 sensor (8 megapixels) similar to that of the Pixel 6 would be present inside. On the external facade, an S5K3J1 sensor produced by Samsung would be there. A solid configuration that would correspond to that ofa high-end smartphone.

When will the formalization of the Pixel Fold be made?

These new revelations leave little doubt that Google is actively working on a folding smartphone that will have Android 13 when it is released. The information discovered by Kuba Wojciechowski is in line with rumors that have been circulating for some time: in early September, analyst Ross Young mentioned the production of the screen intended for the “Foldable Pixel” at the beginning of next year, with an estimated launch in March 2023.

Assuming this information to be true, we can therefore assume that Google will not formalize its folding smartphone on October 6. However, in the face of rumours, the company could still choose to mention it briefly. Answer in a few weeks: in the meantime, we can count on rumors to continue to tell us more and more about Google’s next projects.

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