When Cryptocurrency Finances Terrorism

Jihadists have turned to cryptocurrencies to avoid checks on warrants, their main vehicle for funds since 2013. Sveta/Adobe Stock

DECRYPTION – Two men were sentenced in Paris on Friday for transferring digital currency to jihadists.

Cyberfinancing of terrorism in court. On Friday, two men aged 26 and 23 were sentenced in Paris for “participation in a terrorist criminal association” and “financing of terrorism”. The Franco-Algerian Sami Allem received a four-year prison sentence, one of which was suspended, and the Franco-Moroccan Abderrahman Cheikh, four years, two of which were suspended. Incurring a ten-year sentence, these small hands of terrorism were accused of having, between 2018 and 2020, financed jihadists in Syria via cryptocurrency networks. The amount transferred by this sector, led by three Islamists from Syria, would have reached 280,000 euros.

Sami Allem and Abderrahman Cheikh were arrested on September 29, 2020 as part of an operation launched under the authority of the national anti-terrorism prosecution (Pnat) against a fund transfer network benefiting jihadists. It followed the opening of a preliminary investigation opened on…

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