why is the epidemic so violent this year?

Particularly strong in France in December, the influenza epidemic led to a 118% increase in hospital admissions in one week on French territory. Why is it so violent in 2022? Professor Philippe Amouyel gave us the answers.

The virulence of influenza this year has a dual origin. Particularly strong in France this December, the influenza epidemic led to a 118% increase in hospitalizations in one week on French territory.

In the same period, consultations related to this respiratory infection increased by 57%, according to Santé Publique France.

Two factors explain the resurgence of influenza

“In winter, transmission is more important. Ventilating, staying outside reduces the risk of contamination. But in winter it’s colder, so we tend to ventilate less. We then find ourselves in the conditions for rapid transmission of influenza, but also of other variants of Covid or bronchiolitis”, explained Philippe Amouyel, professor of public health at Lille University Hospital (Nord) to CNEWS.

The second explanation for this resurgence of the epidemic in France can be found in the low circulation of the virus over the past two years. “The barrier movements in 2020 and 2021 made it possible to stop the development of the influenza epidemic. This year we have slightly fewer immune reactions that have occurred in the population, so when the virus comes, it circulates more quickly. The epidemic is earlier this year”, analyzed the professor.

To obtain this immunity, the specialist strongly recommends vaccination. He also recommends wearing the mask in transport and closed places to avoid serious cases among the most fragile and saturated hospitals.

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