Why the creator of dogecoin never made millions in crypto

Billy Markus, one of the two founders of the most popular and original meme coin, DOGE, took to Twitter to share that he is not a crypto millionaire as many may think. .

He explained why he never made millions of dollars on digital currencies.

To win “not even close” million USD

In a recent tweet, Markus responded to multiple questions he received from various people regarding his cryptocurrency stash.

These questions are about whether he regrets selling his crypto in 2015 and missing out on millions of dollars. He replied sarcastically that he likes the fact that he failed to become a millionaire because he got rid of his crypto assets too soon.

According to the tweet, whenever he is asked such a question, he is reminded of this step – “Thanks for reminding me, I really appreciate it!

Dogecoin made other people rich

Another sarcastic response came from Billy Markus to those who keep telling him “how rich Dogecoin made him“.

He wrote that they should thank those who took DOGE from them on an exchange and reminded his army of followers that Dogecoin was originally intended as a joke, a parody of Bitcoin, when DOGE was launched in 2013. The BTC had been launched by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto four years earlier.

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