WiFi 7, Google, IBM super fridge

Like every Friday, find InfoNews Hebdo, the program that covers the IT news of the past week. In this new episode, we look back on records, that of WiFi 7 and that of the record fine against Google, but also on the hacking of Orange cyberdefense, the IBM super-fridge and a worrying study on data centers…

InfoNews Hebdo, the show that makes the rounds of IT news, is picking up its stride. Our hosts, Guy Hervier and Jean-François le Nilias, expand this week on various announcements that caught their attention.
And it starts with WiFi 7 which, each month, seems to become a little more formal and beat Records. If we are still far enough from having them on our machines, the first tests carried out on technical demonstrators show that it will be possible under the right conditions to cross the bar of 5 Gbps wireless !
Another announcement, even more surprising, IBM launches into super fridges. Not the ones that sit in your kitchen of course. No, IBM’s new super-fridge is intended for the firm’s future quantum computers.
Less fun confirmation by Orange than its subsidiary Orange Cyberdefense had the personal data of more than 1,500 customers hacked and stolen of its cybersecurity offerings. An announcement that is messy especially as the group launched at the same time a comm campaign around OBS.
On the big money side, our animators are coming back Google’s Confirmed Order to Pay the EU Over $4 Billion for a dominant position in the Android universe. And the GAFAMs are currently very stirred since at the same time, they are taking the opportunity to come back California sues Amazon again for abuse of a dominant position.
Finally they debate of the necessary awakening of Europe in terms of Datacenters. A recent Synergy study shows that a state like Virginia has more accommodation capacity than all of Europe!

Contents of this issue of InfoNews Hebdo


00:50 Le WiFi 7 passe la barre des 5 Gb/s
03:20 GoldenEye, le super-réfrigérateur d’IBM pour systèmes quantiques
05:55 Orange Cyberdefense transpercé par des hackers
08:20 Amende record confirmé contre Google autout d’Android
10:40 La Californie attaque Amazon en justice


14:00 Datacenters : le nécessaire réveil de l’Europe


17:00 Salon « Big Data & AI Paris » du 26 au 27 septembre


18:20 iPhone 14… de plus en plus cher

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