WORLD CUP 2022 – Ecuador threatened to be excluded from the World Cup for playing Castillo with false papers

A case that could threaten an entire selection. On Monday, the Daily Mail published an investigation full of revelations about the Ecuadorian football team. Qualified for the World Cup in Qatar, Ecuador could well be disqualified from the World Cup after playing Byron Castillo under his colors despite the possession of false papers of the latter.

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According to the British media, Castillo would indeed be of Colombian nationality and not Ecuadorian. He would also have a false identity and therefore a false passport, which Byron Castillo finally admitted. The winger also confessed to having left Colombia to pursue his career in Ecuador and denounced an Ecuadorian businessman who allegedly offered him a new identity.

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The Daily Mail has obtained an audio recording of an interview conducted by the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) Commission of Inquiry, from 2018, in which Castillo admits he was born in 1995, not 1998 as listed on his Ecuadorian birth certificate. He also gives the name of Javier Castillo Segura, who provided him with his fake birth certificate. He details his departure from the Colombian town of Tumaco to go to San Lorenzo to pursue his career as a footballer, and gives the name of the businessman who gave him a new identity.

The case goes back several months. Chile then filed a request with FIFA, which rejected it. But now, the Chilean selection could replace Ecuador at the World Cup if sanctions are taken, in particular because the Ecuadorian federation would have knowingly concealed all this evidence of fraud. The FIFA Appeal Committee will meet on Thursday to decide on the case and give a favorable response or not to Chile.

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