World Cup 2022: The technology Kyle Walker used to recover faster before England

England are preparing for their 2022 World Cup quarter-final against France. If the English are generally confident, they still fear Kylian Mbappé. The Three Lions used technologies to increase Kyle Walker’s speed.

Kyle Walker underwent groin surgery at the beginning of October and did everything to participate in this World Cup in Qatar. The Manchester City player used several technological tools to reduce recovery time and increase his speed. The goal is for Walker to be 100% or more.

The right-back, who is likely to be tasked with mouthing Kylian Mbappé, resorted to high-tech glasses that monitor heart rate and slowly massage the face to reduce stress and anxiety. These glasses also relieve headaches, facial tension and eye strain. All these points improve sleep and recovery. The 32-year-old also used compression boots to massage her legs using compression. The goal is, again, to improve and speed up recovery.

Finally, the England international (72 caps) used a massage gun to speed up recovery after his operation. All these gadgets are provided by Manchester City, who pay close attention to the form of their players, even during the World Cup.

The England staff hope that all this will be enough to limit the influence of Kylian Mbappé and topple the French team.

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