World Cup – Hugo Lloris worried about business around the Blues: “It’s scattering a little too much”

Worried, the captain of the Blues Hugo Lloris wanted to remobilize his troops. “In any case, a few months before the World Cup, it’s important to stay united and focused on the goal.he told L’Equipe after Tottenham’s defeat against Sporting CP (2-0) on Tuesday. We will need all our strength, all our energies. You have to stay focused on the field. It’s spreading a little too much at the moment (…) I don’t have all the elements (regarding the accusations of dysfunction of the FFF)”

Given this situation, Lloris is happy with the upcoming international break. “Even if there will be no issue, and a lot of important absentees, it will be good to meet up to get back together a little. Especially since we left at least June on somewhat negative feelings…“, he concluded. The Blues will face Austria and Denmark on September 22 and 25.

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