World Cup seen from Italy – Before France – England: Mbappé, ti amo

No matter how hard we look, again and again we find no Italian origins in Kylian Mbappé. Unfortunately. Here in La Botte, we would really need it. And it is not Roberto Mancini, the coach of the Nazionale, who wants to say the opposite from his sofa, where, like us, he is watching the World Cup 2022. After three weeks of competition, we can also draw two advantages from a no – qualification of the Nazionale. The first is that we avoided another first-round elimination like in 2010 or 2014. Smart, right? The Germans would do well to learn from it. And the second is that we are free to move. It is not necessary to model our program according to the days and times of the committee’s matches: there are none. Free as the air, we tell you. We take advantage of the competition like any ordinary spectator with a ristretto in hand.

Last Sunday orphaned from the Serie A matches at 15:00, more than five million Italian viewers (5,136,000 according to the audience report) were thus in front of the Rai 1 channel to watch France-Poland. In the country where all World Cup matches are free, a round of 16 is still a difficult event to miss, even more so on a Sunday. And if it would be a lie to write that Italy was behind the Blues, it would be a little more true to say that Kylian Mbappé stunned the country. With family, friends, in the bar or in the restaurant, “Mamma mia!” certainly flared up when the French international scored an exceptional double. Here, in the lands of Giuseppe Meazza, Silvio Piola, Gianni Rivera or even Roberto Baggio, we know how to recognize a out of class when you see one. The PSG striker is a.

World Championship

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If France win the World Cup, the Ballon d’Or is for them

The day after the match against Poland, the entire Italian press hailed Bondynois’ performance. A constant in recent years. If Nasser al-Khelaïfi’s PSG is not really in the hearts of the vast majority of observers and tifosi, Kylian Mbappé actually agrees. Here are some excerpts of what we could read about him on Monday.

  • Repubblica: “Mbappé is the new Pelé. He has everything: right foot, left foot, head. But above all he is the first player in history to score 9 goals in the World Cup when he was not even 24 years old. I they clocked 35 km/h (…) You wanted the future? Here it is”
  • Gazzetta dello Sport: “He creates two masterpieces to be exhibited at the Louvre, even at the risk of taking soup from environmentalists (…) At the moment he is the boss of the World Cup (…) France has a Martian”
  • La Stampa: “It’s a phenomenon”
  • Corriere della Sera: “The new king of France”

Interviewed by us, Paolo Condò, a great everyday writer La Repubblica and consultant Sky Sport, has agreed to come back in more depth to whoever makes him think of a “four wheel drive car“, as “Ronaldo, the Brazilian at the time“.”If we switch sports, he reminds me of Alberto Tomba’s way of skiing (gold medal at the 1992 Olympics, editor’s note), he continues. In addition to his dynamic ability, which today seems unmatched to me, Mbappé added extraordinary ballistic ability when stopped, like the second goal against Poland. If France win the World Cup, they will surely win the next Ballon d’Or.” And it suits ”Kyky” quite well, since the journalist is precisely the one who votes for Italy in the selection of the prestigious individual award, he would almost already have a vote.

Mbappé is simply the best player in the world right nowbelieves Matteo Moretto, another colleague based in Milan. For me, it’s on par with the greats. He is a player who can change the balance of a match at any time, just like Lionel Messi. He never has a timeout or even a break. He is simply amazing. Messi might be more unpredictable, but Mbappé, you can’t contain him. His speed, his physical strength… He has everything of a modern player. I think he is a very ambitious person. Admittedly, he decided to stay at PSG for financial and project reasons. But I think in two or three years he will try something new.”

Within the editorial office of Radio Sportiva, which gives great freedom of expression to tifosi every day, we are told that Kylian Mbappé “impress everyone“but is still highly valued”of the youngest“.”The slightly older ones sometimes get annoyed by a somewhat selfish and cheeky attitude, as with Neymar, explains a journalist. After, in Italy, there is always a certain reluctance on the part of the French players… Many supporters (of Milan) for example prefer to concentrate on Théo Hernandez and Olivier Giroud, without forgetting Mike Maignan (…) Finally, can – be that (Erling) Haaland is paradoxically more appreciated.”

“He will become a legend”

The day after the victory against Denmark (2-1), La Repubblica wrote that Kylian Mbappé was “son of the wind“.”The wind has been blowing through him since he was born, that’s the stuff he’s made of, a gust plays and no headwind can slow him down“, we could read in the columns of the general newspaper. Tuesday in its edition, Gazzetta dello Sport devoted a double page to the French international. His title? “He is the strongest with his 23“. With in the background pictures of Pelé, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. In other words, the table of the greats. And to add: “Cristiano had his first season with more than 10 league goals at 22, Kylian in the year of his 18. Messi scored his first goal in Qatar in a World Cup knockout game, Kylian did it at the first opportunity. Cruyff started at Ajax very young at 17. Mbappé even more, at 16. The comparison that holds the most is with Pelé, as if a thread connected the two phenomena whose two names rhyme.”

The biggest danger for the Blues? “Walker, the Mbappé Kryptonite”

For Paolo Condò, however, it is still too early to place Mbappé in the history of football. “Let’s consider leveraging its performance instead.pleads the journalist. To return to my comparison with skiing, you can say that he is a champion who, at the first intermediate level of 24 years, is on the same technical level as Pelé, Maradona and Messi. In terms of trophies, it’s even better” In two editions and eleven matches at the World Cup, Mbappé has scored 9 goals. Enough to equal the career tally of Lionel Messi and surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s (8). He is the first player to reach such a total before his 24th birthday, just ahead of Pelé , he also took the opportunity to become the second top scorer for the Blues in World Cup history behind Just Fontaine in the spotlight (13 goals).

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Me, I have been in love with Kylian Mbappé since his time at Monacoconcludes journalist Fabrizio Romano. He is an extraordinary player who can certainly become the best in the world with Erling Haaland. Granted, the two are very different. But for me this competition can be like that between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I think this is the future of football. Mbappé is the modern player par excellence: speed, quality, goals and an impressive physical structure. He has everything from fuoriclass. I’m always disappointed when I read some reviews about certain career choices during the transfer window. People talk without knowing it. They should understand that when talking about clubs like PSG, Real Madrid and many more, the players always earn a lot of money. That’s the only thing that makes the difference. Mbappé is the future of football and he will become a legend. His statistics in competitions prove that he already is. He will make history and win the Ballon d’Or in the future. This is the excellence of French football.” We still want to check one last time that he doesn’t have Italian origins, just to be sure…

World Championship

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World Championship

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