you can participate in its redesign, but under certain conditions

Google is looking for a group of testers to help redesign its Google Home app. But relatively strict conditions must be respected.

In March 2022, a new Google Home interface was rolled out by the American group, which redesigned the control center in order to interact more simply with our connected devices. For the next version of the application, Google wants to appeal to the community and surround itself with daily users.

To do this, the Mountain View firm is looking for testers to join its “Google Nest Trusted Tester program”, which will rely on the Centercode product testing application to collect feedbackteaches us 9to5Google. The Californian giant gives few details on the ins and outs of this project.


What we do know is that a new generation of the Google Home application is going to be designed. Should we expect major aesthetic and practical upheavals, or small adjustments that will not disrupt our habits? Difficult to say at the time of writing these lines.

Be aware, however, that several conditions must be met to join this program. One, it will be mandatory to sign an NDA, which is a non-disclosure agreement (non-disclosure agreement), which must be strictly adhered to. A confidentiality agreement is clearly not to be taken lightly.

Have all Nest products

Second, you must be in possession of all Google Nest products related to the connected home: thermostats, Wi-Fi systems, speakers, screens, cameras, doorbells, smoke detectors or even Chromecast. Either a range of accessories that not everyone has at home – it is also a cost.

Obviously, you must also be an avid user of the Google Home app. By fulfilling all these conditions, you can then try your luck.

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